At Mugen we believe talking with connected objects & systems involves 6 principles


Connect universally with all objects, whatever the data, protocol or equipment


Monitor and control any system from anywhere, using a smartphone or a tablet.


Easily design customized and intuitive interfaces, adapted to each different use

Real Time

Interact instantly with the systems, including with High Definition streams


Our software architecture is powerful and scalable: roll out locally or in the cloud, run the back-end server wherever you want, including on a smartphone or a nano-computer.


Whatever the data sources, you can distribute and share information between users

An adapted solution for each sector

A generic solution : M-START

Talking with things has never been that simple

M-Start is a generic solution to create and roll out interfaces on the fly to easily interact with connected systems via any type of mobile and tactile media. The solution consists of three functional components:

  • M-Start Designer is a graphical editor for designing interfaces from business components combined with data source and interaction.

  • M-Start Server collects data sent by the source and distributes optimally to users. Its capabilities allow bidirectional flows upward and downward

  • Designed to respond to any specific use, M-START delivers a Human System Interface either on tablet, PC, or smartphone

  • M-START SDK is the software development kit available for all users to develop additional data, or extend the functionality and enrich the referenced sensors library.


Mise en oeuvre de M-START


M-START Designer


M-START Designer


M-START Server


M-START Server


M-START Station


M-START Station

Free download of the M-START Designer to design your own interfaces

A business extension : M2UV

Solution for Unmanned Systems Interaction
Designed as a business extension of M-START, M2UV is especially intended for drone manufacturers, system integrators and operators.

The software suite optimizes the mission efficacy and the operators’ experience by providing an extension of the control station on tablet or smartphone..

The data collected by the system are specifically distributed to each user as visual and prioritized indicators. The solution integrates collaborative functions between systems and employees.

M2UV Station

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