We develop applications, based on our technology, to solve your issues about digital transformation into the industry 4.0. We use programmable logic controllers or Open Source nano-computers to install new captors or make communicable the ones already existing in order to collect the key data that will allow you to pilot your machine from any devices (computers, smartphone, tablet).

  • Analyse

    We analyze your need and do a feasibility study before the design of your project.

  • Specifications

    Once the feasibility study completed, we help you write the specifications of your project that will be the development contract between Mugen and you.

  • Development

    We develop the project according to the specifications. We use agile method while iterating with you.

  • Test, operation and maintenance

    We realize on-site test to ensure the correct operation and we stay available during the operation and maintenance step of the project.

  • Launch and maintenance

    We assist you during the production launch and guarantee the maintenance for the updates of our technology or new additional features.

Use cases :

  • Digital documentation available on a tablet via a QRCode on the machine.
  • Installation of sensors of vibration analysis and CSV format data collect
  • Control of programmable logic controller on a production line for mobility line control.